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New Ideas on Alternative Energy

Through this election Trump has brought out the silent major that is just sick of what has happen to our country. And they seen there children and grandchildren would no longer have a chance to see a great America again.

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Concentrated Solar Power

Efficiency of Concentrated Solar Power

While the stats are impressive, the amazing part of this is how the material is fabricated. The researchers started with tungsten carbide, a ceramic that can be formed into a porous material simply by pouring it as a powder into a mold and heating it.

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Amazon invests in solar power

Amazon announced two new initiatives today that are aimed at reducing its environmental impact. The first is a $10 million investment in the Closed Loop Fund, an effort to pool corporate resources to help the US improve its municipal recycling programs.

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Storing solar energy

More Efficient Solar Panel

A recent development would make electricity generation from the sun’s heat more efficient, by using ceramic-metal plates for heat transfer at higher temperatures and at elevated pressures.

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U.S. Department of Energy To Bring $40B Cash to POWER-GEN International Renewable Energy Article After wallowing in limbo for the first part of 2018 awaiting re-authorization, the Loan Program Office (LPO) at the Department of Energy is back in business with about $40 billion burning a hole in its proverbial pocket. Mike Reed, Director and […]

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Al Gore Climate Change

Al Gore got Cold Again!

Al Gore under fire for climate change claim on bomb cyclone icy storm. Washintong TImes Former Vice President Al Gore is taking heat for his claim that the icy nor’easter blanketing the eastern seaboard with snow and freezing temperatures is “exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis.” The debate over global warming’s impact […]

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Nano Flake

Solar Power Advances

The Stirling engine SunCatcher isn’t the only solar-thermal power-generation system that is ramping up in a big way across the desert Southwest these days. A different dual-axis-tracking technology, is going to be used in a 392-MW Ivanpah solar power plant in the Majave Desert, with groundbreaking planned for later this year.

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Sterling Power Plant

Solar Power Facts

Interesting Solar Power Facts An important fact that almost everyone knows about solar energy is it’s free. Once your home or office solar system is paid for you can enjoy free clean renewable energy from the sun. Because more and more people are making the conscious decision to change to solar power, future generations will […]

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Amazon Cart

Amazon Solar

Buy Amazon while you checkout our website. You on a secured site and all transaction are at

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Solar Powered Homes

Solar Power Homes

Solar power kits for the home are a great way to bring green energy into residential spaces. These kits simplify the solar power purchase process. Finding The Advantages Of Solar Power For Homes
Location is essential when it comes to deciding on solar power for homes. You can only determine the right number of solar cells and panels by taking into consideration elements like climate, the position of the home, and the total area that you need to generate power for.

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Sun Super Flare

As you can see from the story below if we are worried about dooms day, here is another to add to the list.

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Solar Panel Solar Light

Scientists have developed a next-generation solar cell material which can also emit light, in addition to converting light to electricity. This solar cell is developed from Perovskite, a promising material that could hold the key to creating high-efficiency, inexpensive solar cells.

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Solar to Power Homes

The government rebate is accessible by both property investors and owners who are keen on replacing existing electric system. This is applicable to both the heat pump and solar hot water systems.

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SensorPush Sensor and WIFI

SensorPush-new Product

If you need to monitor temperature and humidity outdoors, indoors refrigerator, RV, workshop, or /and green house, under the house, in the garage anywhere you choose.

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Stationary Energy Storage

Germany-based Mercedes-Benz is bringing its stationary energy storage business to the U.S. Great to see competition!

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Solar Roof Made of Glass Tiles

Unveiling a new “solar-roof” Neat idea but very expense. Hope cost come as sales go up.

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Tesla Designs new Utility Solar Inverter

Ahead of Tesla making announcements today at its facility, the company published a blog discussing its commercial and utility offerings.

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Firefighting and Solar

Fire fighters online solar training

With one million homes and businesses nationwide now producing energy through solar roof panels, the likelihood that fire fighters and other professionals will encounter solar electric systems in the course of their work is dramatically increased.

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Lightning Strikes on Solar Arrays

Lightning kills more people each year than hurricanes and tornadoes combined.

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DIY Solar Panel Actuator

There is a PDF of the whole process for Solar Tracking project. This is a membership site. You must join to get it. has hundreds of projects!

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DIY Solar Water Heating

This is Build It Solar website with a lot of information on water and Solar. Many of the links go to paid sites.

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NV Solar Energy

Nevada’s largest solar generating station is currently under construction near Tonopah in the southwestern portion of the state.  The 110- megawatt Crescent Dunes solar energy project will use more than 17,000 heliostat mirrors to focus the sun’s thermal energy to heat molten salt flowing from this 640-foot-tall solar power tower to underground storage tanks. 

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Nevada’s Solar Nightmare

Some say unfair and others say why should some be subsidize at the tax payer’s cost. Here in Nevada we have an element of society that want the government to tax and tax and more taxes.

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Shockwaves across industry

Shockwaves across the industry The state of Nevada recently sent shockwaves across the industry when it enacted a new solar tariff structure that industry groups say will destroy the Nevada solar market, one of the fastest growing markets in the country. In the immediate aftermath of the decision, SolarCity and Sunrun announced that the new […]

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